Open Call Towards Tunisia 2016 – Euromed Project Approved

WIP è il partner italiano del Progetto Euromed “Parole Jeunesse” coordinato dall’Associazione  Inma Maamoura di Nabul, Tunisia. Il progetto si svolgerà nelle città di Maamoura e Nabeul in Tunisia e vedrà la partecipazione di 30 giovani provenienti da 6 Paesi dal 6 al 15 Febbraio 2016: Egitto (Power No Border), Italia (Work in progress), Francia (Ligue de l’enseignement des vosgues), Romania (Actor), Algeria (Ass de tourism et loisir et echanges des jeunes et developpement durable), Tunisia (INMA Maamoura).

Descrizione del progetto in lingua inglese:
As the dialogue is the essential practice in democracy, our project “paroles jeunesses” aims at highlighting the channel of communication among Euro- Mediterranean youth. This can not only promote the cultural exchange and the notion of citizenship, but also prevent violence. In effect, our project “paroles jeunesses” suggests  to create an independent democratic space whereby  we stress cultural exchange and democracy practice. This space will serve as a school of both citizenship and democracy which are key concepts in this transitory period. On the other hand, this project seeks to positivize the youths’ consciousness vis à vis the other culture by putting the emphasis on the already existing obstacles in order to spread democracy in their countries. This project is an opportunity that enables the youth to inform and be informed on democracy, especially that  the participants are from different countries and with different cultural backgrounds. Aiming at building a free, boundary- less  world, this project is basically about
common concerns just like reinforcing intercultural dialogue, reducing prejudices and racism. All this will inevitably develop the sense of tolerance through diversity.

The use of non-formal methods as inputs and discussions in plenary sessions, exercises and simulations, thematic working groups and workshops and the use of open space methodology will provide the foundation for the participants‘ learning processes. Emphasis will be given to the exchange non-formal educational practices and networking among the partners.

Participation Fee:
– 100% of accommodation and basic food are covered by the programme
– 100% of activities fee are covered by the programme
– 70% of your travel cost are covered by the programme
– 20€ Membership 2016 – Work in Progress

Come candidarsi:
Ai fini della partecipazione leggere attentamente l’InfoPack allegato e compilare i documenti richiesti entro le 12.00 del 17.01.2016 e inviarli a
– Compilare il modulo di candidatura (italiano o inglese) – Allegato2
– Opzionale al momento della candidatura: allegare curriculum vitae

In bocca al lupo!

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StaffOpen Call for Participants 6/15 Febbraio 2016 – Towards Tunisia 2016 – Euromed Project Approved