Erasmus+ Summer Internship 2015 Ankara/Lecce – WIP4EU and GAZY University have signed 10 learning agreement – Highter Education
Let’s see what’s up when local community cooperate for bringing Highter Education European Projects to Lecce: Less stress and big results!

Work in Progress 4EU, The Qube, MRS Company (Material Recovery System), Cerco Alloggio 2.0 – Lecce and Officine Cantelmo are coordinating the Highter Education traineeships for 2 months (12 july-12 september 2015).
Work in Progress (IT) and Gazi University (TK) have signed the 10 learning agreements – Higher Education with students coming from the Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Engineering of Gazy university, Ankara – Turkey.
MRS Company is responsible for the activities of the project according to the profile of the students: mechanical design through 3D software and dimensioning of components and parts. 3 projects for 3 different teams:
1. The creation of a new smart shield for a new vacuum chamber used in the thin film deposition sector with activity of customization and design of a new product.
2. The second one is the creation of a proof of concept of a green box, a system able to perform the maintenance of the smart shield.
3. The last one is an analysis of wearable technologies and possible application in the fashion market.
Tutor Project 1 : Mr. Gianluca Trullo
Tutor Project 2: Mr. Antonio Andrea Gentile
Tutor Project 3: Ms Vanessa Coppola
Cercalloggio is responsible for housing service and Officine Cantelmo became the working place in the city centre for the
groups of students.

About the Program Erasmus Student Mobility for Placements program:
Student mobility for placements enables students at higher education institutions to spend a placement (traineeship/internship) period between 2 months and 12 months in an enterprise or organisation in another participating country.
What are the objectives of student placements?
1. To help students to adapt to the requirements of the EU-wide labour market;
2. To enable students to develop specific skills including language skills and to improve understanding of the economic and social culture of the country concerned in the context of acquiring work experience;
3.To promote cooperation between higher education institutions and enterprises;
4.To contribute to the development of a pool of well-qualified, open-minded and internationally experienced young people as future professionals.

Coordinator of the project: Ms Lara Mastrogiovanni – WIP4EU
Coordinator of the activities: Mr Salvatore Modeo – MRS srl



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StaffERASMUS+ Summer Internship 2015 Ankara/Lecce – WIP4EU and GAZY University – Highter Education