Boosting Youth Participation: The Choise is Your
Action 1.3 Youth and Democracy, Youth in Action Program
13-17 of May 2014, Lecce

Active participation is the key for a democratic society. The young people, more than anyone else, have the responsibility to act in first person to get the initiative, making their voice heard, develop ideas and actions for a more democratic and inclusive society.

The aim of the project promoted by Work in Progress, with partners from Greece, Romania and Turkey, is to stimulate the young people to the active participation to the social and political life of their own community. The main methodology to carry out this objective will be the creation of a strategy of active participation within the young people at European level, and later, shift the focus on the Local reality, starting a cooperation with the first institutional interlocutors, the Local Authorities.

Phases of the Project
To reach this ambitious goal, the project is developed in 2 phases.
First Phase
The first phase of the project will be an International Conference in Lecce, from 13 to 17 May 2014. This international conference will involve 6 representatives from each Country, both from Local Authorities and NGOs. The international conference aims to put together young people from all over Europe to discuss about the issue of the democratic representation at local level, through the instrument of analysis of European papers such as The European Charter for the participation of young people to the local life, EU Strategy for Youth, Renewed framework for European cooperation in the Youth field.

The main output of the international conference will be the organization of a network active at European level, but not only this: the young people involved will have the opportunity to develop a strategy of implementation of local policy in order to favor the active participation of young people to the local political and social life. The activities of the international meeting will be made around Salento in different Municipalities (Lecce, Galatone, Copertino), in order to have an high visibility of the project and improve the local and international network.
Second Phase
At the end of the International Conference in Lecce, in fact, the young people will return in their own Countries: here they will organize a local meeting involving other NGOs, Local Authorities, Civil Society Organizations and citizens.
The local meeting will last 3 days. There will be 1 event per Country, to be organized from 1st June 2014 to 31 October 2014 in all the Countries involved. Each Country will decide when and how to organize the local meeting.
In the local meeting it will be possible for the young people to bring and show to the Community the ideas, the input and the shared experiences they had with other youngsters in the International Conference.
Thanks to the local meeting, in their own local reality, the youngsters will have the opportunity to develop the strategies of active participation emerged from the International Conference working with the Local Authorities and the other stakeholders for the creation of the Youth Advisory Board (YAB).
What is YAB?
YAB is an informal “think tank”, made and coordinated by the young people themselves, with the objective to organize the energies and the interests of the local community, especially of the young people, around the topic of active participation. In few words, YAB will propose ideas, actions and initiatives of active participation to develop at local level.
The YAB in each Country will be linked to the other YABs in Europe; all the YABs will have then an international coordination, that will allow to develop new projects and improve the network of the organization working in the youth field.
The European Election
Act, React, Impact: this is the slogan for the election for the European Parliament, that will take place in May 2014. This is the year where it will be possible for the voice of the citizens to be heard in Europe. The project will also give to the youngsters from Italy, Greece, Romania and Turkey the opportunity to develop creativities and artistic skills with the creation of an awareness video about the importance of the vote for the European Parliament, to spread among coetaneous and the Civil Society.

In order to facilitate the communication and the knowledge among the participants you are invited to join the facebook group through the link Our Facebook Group! Be active!
For further questions/suggestions, contact: 0039 0832 323153; 0039 335 7379971

Project Coordinator
Marzia Stenti


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StaffBoosting Youth Participation: The Choice is Your!”