Eu-Africa on the Move

Eu-Africa on the Move

EACEA 3.2 #day4

1- Youth policy & Youth Local Situation-Needs & Opportunities
& visibility Strategy Guideline

2- Eu- Africa Youth Programs for future cooperation & Best Practices in Each Partner Country

Eu-Africa on the Move
EACEA 3.2 #day5

1) Intro Project Management, Discovering Erasmus+ Guideline & Non Formal Education
River Game – Intercultural Dialogue

2) Local meeting at municipality of Praia with Mayor and City Council

Eu-Africa on the Move
#Day 6, #Day 7

1) PCM Session – Drafting the application form

2) Focus on Non Formal Education and Team Building Role Games

3) Focus on Non Formal Education: Team building game and take a step forward Role game

Eu-Africa on The Move

1) Non Formal Education Market

2) Fair Trade Simulation Game Coffee Chain Game
& Workshop- Respect, Transparency and Dialogue

Eu-Africa on the Move

1)PCM Administrative Workshop

2)Talking about youth policy with the embaixador -Chefe da delegacao Eu in Cape Verde: Jose Manuela Pinto Teixeirae, Directora Geral Da Juventude: Amanda Prado

3) Reflection Time
Meeting with FCJ – Federacao Caboverdeana da Juventude – Antonio Palazuelos


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