Erasmus+ Summer Placement 2017

Erasmus+ traineeship is an internship (work placement) abroad between 2 and 12 months in an enterprise or any other relevant organisation in Erasmus+ programme country,  the mobility activities supported under this Key Action are meant to produce the following outcomes:

  • improved learning performance;
  • enhanced employability and improved career prospects;
  • increased sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;
  • increased self-empowerment and self-esteem;
  • improved foreign language competences;
  • enhanced intercultural awareness;
  • more active participation in society;
  • better awareness of the European project and the EU values;
  • increased motivation for taking part in future (formal/non-formal) education or training after the mobility period abroad

Work in Progress is an Intermediary agency and also a host organisation for the placement in this summer period with 19 students from different universities and countries. During the internship , we conducted an interview with our trainees from each enterprise about their experiences, expectations and suggestions!

Erasmus+ traineeship is a perfect opportunity for those who seeks to improve their skills in an intercultural environment. It’s like a stairway that you gain new perspectives by taking a new step.
For my placement in Work in Progress I can say that, it’s far better than my expectations. As a student of management information systems, I am able to see almost all subdivisions of management in real life by not only working in the office but also meeting the official partners. We work here as a team, each of us are responsible from different kind of daily tasks and also helping each other. We are learning about project management, marketing and organisation. – Onur Ates (Work in Progress)

My workplace is such a good place related to my education field and i really like it. despite all the problems I learn lot of experiences that can be useful in my future life. We are designing 3D parts for print in the 3D printing machines and I’m improving my work experience during my internship period, because I know every theorical things about 3D printing but not about working with machines. Finding an enterprise that is related to your education field, could be very useful for the future. – Omid Farid Ahmadinia (Fablab Lecce , Start Smart Srl)


Erasmus placement is a good experience for both my professional life and the school life. My task is to create an electronic card for remote control. It can control traffic lights and street lamps. I learned the benefits of team-work once again and I’ve gained knowledge about PCB and electronic designing technologies. Moreover, I have gained so many experiences from the daily tremendous challenges we faced. I can proudly say that I gained experience from the people of different culture I met. Last but not least I can proudly say that experience helped to expand my technical knowledge and also to shape my social network .
It is one of the best experiences I have ever made.It deserves just one word: Perfect! – Onur Hasan Erol (TESYS Trafic Engineering Systems , Sud Segnal)


Hi there…)
I am Kayode Hadilou ADJE, a student of computer Engineering at Gazi University in Ankara/Turkey.
Since July 02nd I am in Galatone ,a small City in Italy. Work in Progress is my intermediate organization which found the host entreprise for me. I am interning at Links spa: an IT and Management leading consultant company which has more than 250 employee all over Italy in his headquarter in Lecce.
For almost three years the company has been working with the European Union and some others partners on Sea-Conditions project: a mobile and web platform which provides users with the most updated and accurate weathers informations not only on land but on sea too..And this is the amazing part as it gives you everything about the Mediterranean Sea. And it goes far with it’s prevision feature for days in it’s premium version.The app can be downloaded for free from stores.
I’m working with the iOS developer of the team and my task is to develop the Apple Watch app for the project. We are planning to do two releases before the end of my stay. From the first days,I have been introduced to the team and the environment: believe me it is pretty cool with it’s nice and highly motivated people working …)
At the office when I am not in my desk I am drinking Italian coffee (coffee plus ice) or chatting somewhere with someone..)
In this agile environment not only I have the opportunity to improve my technical skills in Software Development, I am also learning a lot about team work with the regular meetings with my team made of people from different backgrounds…
As a student this is a unique opportunity of his type to be part of a so important project. – Kayode Hadilou ADJE (Links spa)

Erasmus placement is a good experince for me We are earning also experience of working about our department and improving our engineering skills. On the other hand, in Italy Galatone , we met a lot of people and we had a lot of friends. I think this is the one of the best earnings of Erasmus+. I am very happy to be here and for the future, I hope I will join another Erasmus+ programme. – Ferdi Karatosun (Gruppo Bentivenga)


The possibilities provided to students by Erasmus+ are beneficial to every area of the life as well as our professional careers.Our job is to make the company as profitable as possible, to learn the disciplined working system and to represent ourselves here at the best. We work in the design and technical aspects of the company. We have learned project management and new engineering concept.
I got chance to improve personal skills in many topic and domains like designing, modelling, information, language and research. At the same time, I have gained knowledge about Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. I understood how to apply what I’ve learnt in the classroom to fix practical problems. I think the most important of them was to have the possibility to understand how to create and to run a start-up. – Gözde Atakul (Memento Srl)

StaffErasmus+ Summer Placement 2017