Building the Indian-European Ecosystem: Work in Progress is the European partner of Make Room india
Changemakers’ Room 2016, 3-9 Ottobre 2016, Bangaluru – India

Are you a changemakers?
Changemakers’ Rooms is an informal process of dialogue and cooperation in order to identify world’s most pressing problems, create the Action Agenda for Change 2020 (AAC2020) and to equip 100 world’s most aspiring young minds with the skill-sets required to create and execute innovative solutions to those local and global community issues.

Changemakers’ Room 2016: Seven day training forum, gathering 100 of the world’s most aspiring minds to identify current most pressing local and global problems. 100 changemakers from all over the world will work closely with philanthropists, visionaries, global social change leaders, Nobel laureates, politicians, grassroots development practitioners and global non-formal education trainers to find innovative solutions to those local and global problems. Through role-play, research, case-studies, field visits, practical training and interactions with industry professionals changemakers will enhance their diplomacy, negotiation, consensus-building, problem solving skills and cultural intelligence for leadership. Action Agenda for Change 2020 will serve as an official agreement among politicians and changemakers to enforce solutions to prevent and stop the identified issues. Action Agenda for Change 2020 (AAC2020) is a set of numerous innovative solutions to global issues to be adopted on the Oct 8th, 2016 and executed during the following four years by 100 aspiring Action Agenda for Change ambassadors worldwide.
What are you waiting for?Applications are open!

Changemakers’ Room 2016 is run by Make Room India an Indian-European ecosystem where
– Young Leaders build innovative solutions;
– Change-makers accelerate their goals by open dialogue and exchange of good practices;
– Sustainable Solutions are Advocated for social change.
A social change ecosystem that connects India and Europe. Whilst Europe has the leading entrepreneurship ecosystem in the world, India has the fastest growing ecosystem and we intend to harness the combined power of both.
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StaffChangemakers’ Room 2016: Work in Progress is the Eu Partner of the social change ecosystem that connects India and Europe. Call for collective action and international cooperation