Born to be a Digital Nomad! Promoting Innovative Practice for Employability and Entrepreneurship of EU Skilled Youth

Approved Approved Approved an amazing Erasmus+ Project “Nomadways” – Born to be a Digital Nomad: WIP4EU is on board

Digital nomads are individuals that leverage wireless digital technologies to perform their work duties, and more generally conduct their lifestyle in a nomadic manner. Such workers typically work remotely… to accomplish tasks and goals that used to traditionally take place in a single stationary workplace.

What is it all about?
Nomadetc is a research project about digital nomadism. It was born to facilitate the emergence of digital nomadism in Europe: the use of digital skills, information technology and communication to carry out a professional activity from anywhere. We want to create an experimenting community, a digital laboratory. Our aim is to inform and train to the practice of digital nomadism. The process will lead to job creation, for each participant in the professional sphere that best suits him/her. By training young Europeans to innovative working techniques, we will develop their employability. A professional approach to digital tools meets emerging needs for young Europeans and constitutes a great new niche of employment.


-seek the necessary conditions to allow the emergence of the innovative practice of digital nomadism
-create conditions, drivers materials and tools in a personalized formationaction digital nomadism, collaborative, open, flexible, ICT-based, open educational resources (OER), multilingualism and mobility
-promote intersectoral cooperation and establish the creation of our educational material on a dialogue with the professional world to adapt our training materials to labor market requirements through the expertise of our partners
-improve the quality and relevance of the offer in the areas of education, training, youth and community building, by presenting innovative entrepreneurial approaches and sharing of best practice willenhance non-formal and informal learning by distributing the project products in schools
-facilitate the transition of young people between the formal and non-formal education through the use of EU tools for the validation of skills acquired during the project, assigning Youthpass and Europass project participants
-encourage personal accompanying disadvantaged young people develop key and transversal competences of these, such as entrepreneurship, digital skills and multilingualism; help them in their professional practice offering innovative possibilities for personalized formationaction
-develop the professional skills of staff active youth in the project by providing a continuous and timely training and by offering innovative teaching methods and tools
-improve the capacity of partner organizations in the areas of strategic development, organizational management and the quality of their offer of benefits for specific groups such as young people seeking employment, priority in our project.

Our project promotes innovative practice: digital nomadism. It involves firstly the creation and the use of appropriate ICT REL, on the other hand, the creation of tools to provide the best escort innovative entrepreneurial initiatives the digital nomadism leads the way.

The project thus promotes the development of employability and entrepreneurship of European youth by demonstrating the feasibility and relevance of a choice of innovative life based on increased mobility and the professional use of soft skills such as mastery of digital tools, multilingualism and entrepreneurship. The project responds to societal phenomena and new needs: internationalization of education and the labor market and the increasing use of digital learning, flexible training, consistent with the needs and goals of learners and the market, scalable and participating in the enrichment of the European area of ​​skills and certifications.

The innovative aspect of the professional practice of digital nomads therefore requires above all the acquisition of digital skills. The exercise of these powers then allows their mobile application. Professional geographical independence in any case requires the adoption of a nomadic lifestyle. However, it allows. And this nomadism (digital) is also an innovative practice which bear on the labor market. It creates a need digital access to offers and job applications. She is accompanied by the exponential development of websites for employment. It also allows employers to discover or become familiar with the remote user: using the services of digital nomads, sedentary companies are open to the idea of ​​a professional distance from their employees. Furthermore, the appearance of a growing number of digital nomads matches for creating specific needs of this professional category: temporary places to live and work, too bulky equipment hire to be moved to destination destination services Delivery adapting to changing addresses of nomadic, etc. These new requirements represent as many potential new business initiatives, and therefore jobs. The digital professional practice, and entrepreneurial overall generates new jobs in both nomadic and sedentary spheres, such as positions of assistantship digital, computer technical support, translation or outsourcing of activities that require a physical presence in fixed locations (eg in the ecommerce, selling can be done remotely, but the delivery services are located).

Finally, the complementary expertise of partners involved in the project will attract new actors of the working world and civil society in the simultaneous formation of supervisors and youth. It increases opportunities for cross-promotion of disciplines needed for digital nomadism. The project is an innovative prototype formationaction dedicated to the emergence of original business practices corresponding to the digital practices of European youth.

The digital nomads can become a career choice in itself. The job market to which it gives access is vast and untapped, if only by a minority of precursors. The experimental laboratory that we offer aims to demonstrate that it is possible to make this type of entrepreneurial activity accessible to all by designing the appropriate tools.

Stay tuned, Next step is the meeting of Digital Nomadism in Italy: Friday 22 January 2016 @ Coffice Galatone

Ms Lara Mastrogiovanni
IT Nomadetc Community Coordinator


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StaffBorn to be a Digital Nomad! Promoting Innovative Practice for Employability and Entrepreneurship of EU Skilled Youth