1. Concept of the Project

Active participation is the key for a democratic society. The young people, more than anyone else, have the responsibility to act in first person to get the initiative, making their voice heard, develop ideas and actions for a more democratic and inclusive society.

The aim of the project promoted by Work in Progress, with partners from Greece, Romania and Turkey, is to stimulate the young people to the active participation to the social and political life of their own community.

The main methodology to carry out this objective will be the creation of a strategy of active participation within the young people at European level, and later, shift the focus on the Local reality, starting a cooperation with the first institutional interlocutors, the Local Authorities.

2. Phases of the Project

To reach this ambitious goal, the project is developed in 2 phases.

First Phase

The first phase of the project will be an International Conference in Lecce, from 13 to 16 May 2014. This international conference will involve 6 representatives from each Country, both from Local Authorities and NGOs. The international conference aims to put together young people from all over Europe to discuss about the issue of the democratic representation at local level, through the instrument of analysis of European papers such as The European Charter for the participation of young people to the local life, EU Strategy for Youth, Renewed framework for European cooperation in the Youth field.

The main output of the international conference will be the organization of a network active at European level, but not only this: the young people involved will have the opportunity to develop a strategy of implementation of local policy in order to favor the active participation of young people to the local political and social life. The activities of the international meeting will be made around Salento in different Municipalities (Lecce, Galatone, Copertino), in order to have an high visibility of the project and improve the local and international network.

Second Phase

At the end of the International Conference in Lecce, in fact, the young people will return in their own Countries: here they will organize a local meeting involving other NGOs, Local Authorities, Civil Society Organizations and citizens.

The local meeting will last 3 days. There will be 1 event per Country, to be organized from 1st June 2014 to 31 October 2014 in all the Countries involved. Each Country will decide when and how to organize the local meeting.

In the local meeting it will be possible for the young people to bring and show to the Community the ideas, the input and the shared experiences they had with other youngsters in the International Conference.

Thanks to the local meeting, in their own local reality, the youngsters will have the opportunity to develop the strategies of active participation emerged from the International Conference working with the Local Authorities and the other stakeholders for the creation of the Youth Advisory Board (YAB).

What is YAB?

YAB is an informal “think tank”, made and coordinated by the young people themselves, with the objective to organize the energies and the interests of the local community, especially of the young people, around the topic of active participation. In few words, YAB will propose ideas, actions and initiatives of active participation to develop at local level.

The YAB in each Country will be linked to the other YABs in Europe; all the YABs will have then an international coordination, that will allow to develop new projects and improve the network of the organization working in the youth field.

The European Election

Act, React, Impact: this is the slogan for the election for the European Parliament, that will take place in May 2014. This is the year where it will be possible for the voice of the citizens to be heard in Europe. The project will also give to the youngsters from Italy, Greece, Romania and Turkey the opportunity to develop creativities and artistic skills with the creation of an awareness video about the importance of the vote for the European Parliament, to spread among coetaneous and the Civil Society.


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Partners Involved


Solidarity Tracks» is a non-profit and nongovernmental organization, promoting youth exchanges, mobility and intercultural learning on European and worldwide scale. Solidarity Tracks disseminate the value of the human rights and pursue the initiative of responsible and sustainable development.
The actions of Solidarity Tracks support individuals’ personal development in relation to local sustainable development.

Our organization was established thanks to a heartfelt aspiration and cooperation of men, women and children of every age, from different regions of Greece and abroad. The ultimate goal of our organization is to understand the links which unite people, inspire us, supports the spirit for an equal and mutual development.

Our goal is to put into action the following activities:

  • Sharing different experiences and practices
  • Bringing together youth exchange networks
  • Promoting and bringing awareness of new forms of consumption and recycling to local community
  • Implementing innovative programs, which enable people to collaborate
  • Organizing non-formal education sections adapted to any age and to different capacities

Although our actions bear mainly on the young people our organization also offers chance for adults to participate if they are interested to be engaged in the activities which are related to the youth development actions. The whole set of our activities may interest either a teenager which would like to undertake a journey of solidarity and volunteerism also adults who are eager to take part in activities that are carried out within the scope of the organization. We are mostly keen on the sustainable development and the solidarity spirit (local or global). Every activity of ours corresponds to particular educational methods so public can become its “own” action.

Website:  http://www.tamonopatia.org/
Contact person for the project: Mr Mohamed Chaabouni – Pistes_solidaires@yahoo.gr


The non formal group of Thasos , founded in the winter 2010 by a group of young people living on Thasos island. The spark was given by a member of the group who used to be an EVS volunteer and participated to European youth exchanges.
The aims of the group are the briefing of the local youngsters with the Youth In Action programs, their participation in different local actions (cultural, environmental, social) and their sensitization in minorities subjects of our region (Greek Pomaks and Roma communities) In order to achieve our goals we are in cooperation with local schools associations and minorities’ NGO.
Till now we organized local activities for the youth and we cooperated with the schools and othe assosiations of Thasos.

Thasos is a small community in North Greece, where young people don’t have the same opportunities like the youngsters in cities. With our non formal group we would like to give them the chance to be activated in non formal learning actions, to cooperate with other group of youngsters and assume initiatives. With the open dialogue we want to promote the youngsters worries and questionings in order to disappear prejudices and stereotypes.
By the time we realize that the youngsters have the attitude to work on social, cultural and environmental projects, which will improve their quality of life, sensitize them and offer them valuable experiences for their future life.
Starting from an informal group, we try to forward our message to the local community but firstly to the youngsters.

Website: http://www.nfgthasos.com/
Contact person for the project: Mrs Eleni KARAPANAGIOTOU – nfgthasos@gmail.com

Partners Involved


Work in Progress W.I.P. is a consulting and design container of ideas operating in Europe and specialized in the field of training, European Project Management, Communication and Marketing, Management of social-cultural initiatives. We design and build activities and services based on the reading needs of the community. We manage services in partnership with local authorities, businesses and non-profit organizations.
This is what we are: a network of professionals and experts who produce innovative solutions thanks to the synergy of skills, attitudes and feelings that come from different areas. We train highly qualified know-how in the key areas of the company’s core business, developing strategic planning of public interest.

WIP promotes youth mobility, active participation through youth exchange programs for young people and between young people from different European Countries. Wip is strongly opposed to discrimination based on race, colour, sex, creed, ethnicity or nationality. The organization has organized several youth project supported by the program Youth in Action and every months it sends youngsters abroad as participants in social-cultural projects promoted by our Partner around Europe.

Active participations, International Youth Mobility, Volunteering, Active Citizenship and Fight Against Discrimination are our main Keywords with which we wish to build, day by day, a better Europe!

Website: http://wip.eu

Contact person for the project: Mrs Marzia Stenti – eupartner@wip4.eu


The Municipality of Lecce is a local administration regularly involved in administrative activities. With particular reference to the issue of cooperation, the Municipality of Lecce is active in best practices exchanges with European, national, regional and local institutions. The goal is to reinforce the citizen’s dimension at the European and national level and to develop administrative action to the strategic objectives of the economic and social cohesion policy of the EU. In this way, the Municipality of Lecce, as partner of a network, can realize its sustainable growth in a more competitive district.

As a matter of fact, the Municipality of Lecce participates and is associated in the following networks: Network of Urban Cities, Recs Network, Network of Strategic Cities, ERMN Network – EUROPEAN REGENERATION MANAGERS NETWORK, Forum of the Cities of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, LUDEN Network – Local Urban Development European Network aka QeC-ERAN – European regeneration Areas Regeneration Areas Network, ANCI-IDEALI Foundation, ALDA – Association of Local Democracy Agencies.

The EU-wide and local strategical planning Department has the objective to exploit local development within the activities carried out by the Municipality of Lecce; it promotes the European dimension, fosters International links and contacts, speeds both the innovation and competitiveness processes of the local systems, programmes and develops international relationships by promoting town-twinning with other European cities. The unit is committed in activities of support and interaction with different units of the Municipality, within the frame of the European Community Programming, by planning, programmes and projects for the city. The Municipality of Lecce is currently committed in the candidacy as European Capital of Culture 2019.

Website: htt://www.comune.lecce.it

Contact person for the project: Mrs Lara Mastrogiovanni – info@wip4.eu

Partners Involved


Nevo Parudimos Association was founded by a group of teachers, roma activists and roma students from Caras-Severin county, in the south-west part of Romania.

The purpose of the Nevo Parudimos association is to decrease the economical, social, educational and cultural differences in the society.
The aims of the Nevo Parudimos association are:

  • To develop activities which promote the democracy;
  • To promote the tolerance, the diversity and the equal chances in the society;
  • To create community preventing programs to fight against prejudices towards roma people;
  • To increase the organizational capacity of roma people;
  • To help roma communities develop their own competences and abilities to resolve problems;
  • To develop professional activities, social, cultural, economic and civic commitment.

Projects of the Nevo Parudimos association:

  1. Each roma child can go to school: was an information campaign in the roma communities from Caras-Severin County in which was promoted among the roma communities the possibility to study on the special places for roma students in high schools and universities.
  2. Intercultural clubs: is a project of Nevo Parudimos association in which in two schools from Resita two intercultural clubs for pupils were open. These intercultural clubs are based on educational and extra scholastic activities. Here we work with students from the “Eftimie Murgu” University and with a group of volunteers.
  3. Sanitary mediators: was a project in which, together with the Authority for Public Health from Caras-Severin County, we have done trainings with the 8 sanitary mediators from the county.
  4. Education through art: was aimed to encourage school attendance, especially among pupils coming from disadvantaged communities. Beside the diversity of non-formal education methods, the volunteers also used Forum Theatre in their work with the pupils. The results of the project were very encouraging.
  5. From inclusive school to inclusive community and social cohesion: was an international symposium structured in 3 parts: Inclusive education, School inclusion and local community and Education and community development.
  6. Financing – an opportunity for schools: its topic was project management and fund raising for schools and it was aimed to encourage teachers’ initiative to create projects for school development.
  7. We have the same rights: is a project of the Nevo Parudimos Association in partnership with the Caras-Severin County Board of Education, the Caras-Severin Teaching-Staff Resource Centre and the National Council for Preventing Discrimination. Throughout this project, four groups of 25 each (teachers, pupils, students and policemen) were instructed and informed on the causes and effects of the discrimination. The project was meant to prevent discrimination, intolerance and to involve youngsters in promoting social diversity.
  8. Diversity is a gift: is a project through which the young volunteers from our NGO had the opportunity to experience the diversity from their everyday life.
  9. The Festival of Ethnic Communities from Banat (partner): promotes the minorities from the Banat region and their traditions and art.
  10. Roma youth – European Youth: is an international project with participants from Romania, Lithuania, Austria, Germany and France, aimed to promote and develop methods and skills of working with young Roma people

Website: http://www.nevoparudimos.ro

Contact person for the project: Mr Grebeldinger Daniel – nevoparudimos@yahoo.com


At this point Oravita city is implementing a project as a partner with the action 1.2 where a group of young and established a youth center in partnership with the School of Oravita a youth exchange with a British-project organization; HOST.

The atributions of the Local Council are specified in the law 215/2001:

  1. Local Council initiative and act according to the law, in all matters of local interest, except those assigned by law to other local authorities or central
  2. The City Council has the following main attribution:
    • to choose from among the councilors deputy, deputy or, as appropriate, within the limits established legal norms, the number of personnel in the apparatus;
    • approve commune and city status and regulation and functioning of Council;
    • endorse or approve as appropriate, weather and socio-economic development programs, organizational and amanajare planning, including participation in development programs county, regional, zonal and cross-border cooperation in law;
    • manage the public and the private domain of the village or town;
    • established public institutions, companies and public services of local interest, aims, and is analyzing and controlling their activities;
    • provide according to its competencies, material and financial conditions necessary for the proper functioning of public institutions and services of education, health, culture, youth and sport, defending public order and civil protection, fire protection, under his authority, monitors and controls their work;
    • contribute to the organization of scientific, cultural, artistic, sporting and leisure
    • determines the law, cooperation or association with Romanian legal persons, or foreign non-governmental organizations and other social partners in financing and joint Vedra certain actions, works, services or local public interest projects; decides twinning village or town with territorial administrative units from other countries;
    • supports the work of religious law and cultural and sports NGOs

Website: www.http://www.oravita.ro/

Contact person for the project: Mr Grebeldinger Daniel – nevoparudimos@yahoo.com

Partners Involved


Cigli Gonullu Takimi (Cigli Volunteering Team) started its efforts in youth field in late 2012 following a 4.3 TC in Cross-border Volunteering organized by Cigli Municipality EU Projects Office (Izmir) and functioning as a sub-group of this office under the supervision and with the support of the municipality.

Our members, 32 active and 345 potential at the moment- and still growing, have very different backgrounds in the sense of education and interests which gives us a great advantage in being able to see things from very different angles. Given from that, we are focusing on a variety of ideas and projects from culture & arts to sports, European awareness as well as other social problems in the society. For upcoming application cycle, we are submitting three youth exchange projects, environment, culture and rural development. We may be new and not very much experienced but we are hungry and eager to co-operate in different projects in order to create the maximum synergy and get the best out of the project.

StaffBoosting Youth Participation: The Choice Is Yours!